Strange e-books days in Europe!

Five books of our translation program now available as e-books.

Our first five books withthe price of 5 euros each availableas e-book. More info at


The first book of the translation project Strange Days in Europe to be released was «The Spinning Heart,» by Irish author Donal Ryan, a book that has won many awards including the European Union Literary Prize. It was initially rejected by 47 publishers – who were reluctant to publish it (apparently because it was too realistic for their liking) – yet thankfully found its way to the public and swept awards and distinctions in Donal Ryan’s country and across Europe. It is a devastating book, one of the most important literary works of our time and a book that is also “ours”. You will immediately realize this when you get engrossed in it and get to know its protagonists. You will recognize very familiar characters, very familiar voices, situations that are very close to us Greeks; not just because the plot unfolds in the years of the economic crisis of the past decade that hurt Ireland as bad as Greece. The similarities go much deeper and essentially extend to the roots of human tragicomedy; we are all the same when it comes to this. But we need a very special work like «The Spinning Heart» to feel it deep in our souls.

E-BOOK ISBN: 978-618-5278-66-3


Huden er det elastiske hylster der omgiver hele legemet, (The Skin Is the Elastic Covering that Encases the Entire body) is a multi-awarded book, among others with the Literary Book Award of European Union. This is a first time ever that a Bjorn Rasmussen’s book is translated in Greek. Bjorn Rasmussen’s book is a fine example of cutting-edge queer literature, written by a young author (this is his first book) whose work will appeal to the new but constantly growing Greek audience for queer literature, a rather underrepresented yet rapidly upcoming genre in Greece.  Translator, Sotirios Souliotis, is by far the most experienced translator  from Danish language to Greek.

E-BOOK ISBN: 978-618-5278-65-6


Les cahiers d’un mammifere / (A mammal’s notebook), is a book with texts by pioneering composer and satirical writer Erik Satie. Satie, who was one of the most characteristic figures of French culture in the first decades of the 20th century, was recognized many years later as one of the most important and influential artists of his time that contributed to the birth of many  progressive artistic movements. The texts – published for the first time in Greek translation – are translated from the original French by Popi Kotsifi. Cover, illustrations, introduction and editing are by Andriana Minou.  

E-BOOK ISBN: 978-618-5278-62-5


Strange Days Βooks presented with this book for the first time in Greece a collection of selected poems by the Nobel Prize-winning Spanish poet Vicente Aleixandre. Spanish Nobel-prize winning poet, Vicente Aleixandre is a poet whose sublime work has oddly enough never been translated in Greek in spite of its undisputed literary quality. We are proud to present his work for the first time ever to the greek readers.

The anthology «Light, Love, Death» with introduction and translation by Nancy Aggeli who has been involved for many years with the work of the poet. The book  includes 43 poems from collections that cover the entire range of his work. Of course, this edition, which belongs to the series Strange Days in Europe, would not have been possible without the co-funding of the European Union translation program through Creative Europe. The book is published with a cover by Adriana Minou.

E-BOOK ISBN: 978-618-5278-63-2


The fifth book of the series ‘’Strange Days in Europe’’, co-funded by Creative Europe’s translation project of the European Union. The novel Epika e yjeve të mëngjesit (The Epic of the Morning Stars) is a testimony to the destiny of Suleyman, an Albanian painter employed at the state decoration company in the capital of Albania. A technical issue occurring on 16 October 1978, the birthday of Albania’s dictator Enver Hoxha, is attributed to him by the State Security Services. Around this time, Albania is about to sever its relations with Mao’s communist China. Also on 16 October 1978, Józef Wojtyła, a priest from communist Poland, becomes Pope John Paul II in the Vatican. In the late evening of 16 October, a heavy shower washes away the letters of the slogans written by the state decoration company in deep red, the symbol of the blood spilled during the war for freedom by the communist fighters. Even though the festivities are over, the state security, under the direct orders of the communist dictator, starts the hunt for the perpetrators, even though no perpetrators could possibly exist. Suleyman is a man singled out as standing on the other side of the trench of class warfare, conceived and fanatically carried out by the ruling communists. As he feels he is being singled out as a victim, Suleyman tries to change his name to Edmond. He also makes a painting showing some partisans around a fire. This is viewed as a good enough reason for Suleyman to be punished.

«Epika e yjeve të mëngjesit» – The Epic of  the Morning Stars tells the story of Suleyman, an Albanian painter unjustly blamed for a technical issue occurring on the birthday of Albanian dictator Enver Hoxha, at a time when the country prepares to face big changes. It is a bittersweet satirical chronicle of a cruel period for Albania. It is a Kafkaesque narration situated in a Balkan scenery of Theatre of the Absurd.

E-BOOK ISBN: 978-618-5278-64-9



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