Sand Festival presents Strange days in Europe!

This year’s 7th Sand Festival remains (as last year) due to the circumstances  to the island of Crete and will take place on 20 and 21 August at the beach of Rethymno. The theme title’s of the Festival this year is ‘’Happy End’’ and the second day is dedicated to the book series Strange Days in Europe, a special series of translated books supported by the European Commission’s Creative Europe programme.

Authors, editors and translators whose work is featured in Strange Days in Europe are invited to talk about their work at this year’s Sand Festival. As always, apart from the readings on the sand, there will also be other artistic events, such as live music nights, art exhibitions, book fairs and more! All necessary health and safety measures will be followed during the festival.

Strange Days Books was the only Greek publishing house to be awarded with the Creative Europe Literary Translation fund this year and with its support will introduce 8 new books to the public; 5 award-winning books written in English, Danish, Albanian, French and Spanish that will be translated into Greek (for the very first time!) as well as 3 books written in Greek and will be translated into Spanish. All these books have already been released and are available in Greek by Strange Days Books and 3 of them released also in Spain via Arcobaleno.


Sand festival first day is traditionally dedicated to the readings of short stories and poems ( this year with ‘’Happy end’’ context) submitted and approved from the festival. This year many of the writers who participate have received for free a book of the series ‘’Strange days in Europe’’ just to have the opportunity to talk and discuss about these books.  Some of the people involved with the publication of the aforementioned books will be at this year’s Sand Festival. Authors Gregory Papadoyiannis (editor and translator of ‘Spinning Heart’ and editor of ‘Huden der elastiske’), Antonis Tsirikoudis (author of ‘When you least expect it’) and Andriana Minou* (writer, editor and cover illustrator) as well as editor Maira Fournari, a special guest from Spain where she lives will be there to present and discuss their work on the second day of the Festival, which will be dedicated to Strange Days in Europe



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