and now… COMIC SATIE!

Few months after the release of Erik Satie’s »A mammal’s notebook», Andriana Minou and Strange Days Books proudly present a wonderful »sequel» of the book! A comic album inspired from the book made by Andriana Minou the artist who created all the covers of Strange Days in Europe project! A funny and sensitive comic album and also the best introduction into the poetic world of Erik Satie.

Since I was little, my imaginary friends have always been celebrities. Whenever I felt lonely, sad or simply bored, I had imaginary conversations with various musicians, authors, actors, painters etc – always dead ones, usually the deader the better. Those conversations always ended up offering me forgetfulness, consolation, sometimes even entertainment. With a little help from this part of me that’s always been there for me (sic) in the guise of entirely dead celebrities, I managed to reach 2020 and experience this Hollywood science fiction production we’ve all been living due to the pandemic. After pinching myself a few times, to make sure this wasn’t just a bad dream, and after realising this situation had everything – loneliness, sadness and boredom – my good (old) imaginary friend Satie appeared. To those familiar with his work, perhaps the first thing brought in mind is his surreally uproarious sense of humour, which I rediscovered during the spring 2020 lockdown in London, while editing “A mammal’s notebooks” that was recently published by Strange Days Books. But to those who know Satie as well as to have had imaginary conversations with him, it is also known that he lived a very lonely life in a tiny Parisian apartment, creating music, texts and sketches manically – when he wasn’t busy playing the piano in cabarets. In music scores, letters, classified ads, articles etc of his, I found quotes that I presented through sketches, a bit like snapshots from my recent imaginary conversations with him. So this comic album is not simply a tribute to a wonderful mind. It is also my imaginary conversation with a beloved imaginary celebrity friend, who reminded me that not taking anything – and especially ourselves – too seriously, is often the only thing that can save us, whatever that means; and of course, that there can be no loneliness or sadness or boredom when one has such fine imaginary celebrity friends.

COMIC  & COVER PAINTING /Andriana Minou/ PRINTING PRODUCTION/ strangeland/ supervisor/Constantinos Malousaris/ editor / Gregory Papadoyiannis /
Strange Days in Europe & Strange Days comic-2 /PRINTING by Preprint /
ISBN: 978-618-5278-53-3 / Pages: 36/ Price: 10 euros



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