Strange Days in Europe – The Spanish project!

Three Greek books, three books from Strange Days will be translated, published and released in Spain according to our program schedule. And this is already start to happen. The frst book of the three is now published and the other two are in their way for the Spanish edition. And if a trip to Spain is difficult for now due to the circumstances, we hope that soon our three books will travel to Spain!The Spanish Project begins!

EPHEMERA/ Life Is Short

Is our life short, indeed? Or is it too long? Before you answer, it would be great if you asked a young ephemeron that has a whole day of life ahead of it and is already starting to feel bored. Maybe that would change your mind about life’s ephemeral nature. Ephemera is a genus of insects that belong to the Ephemeroptera order. They develop slowly into pronymphs in rivers and lakes and their adult life (if they are lucky) only lasts for one day.What kind of life is this? Who knows. If you ask a (still living) ephemeron, it would surely reply that there’s much worse… This comic album is here to answer to all of the big questions about life and its meaning. But no need to worry: the answers are so ephemeral, you will forget them in no time… Pages: 40/ ISBN: 978-618-82165-6-3

When you least expect it

(short stories)

“Stories always contain a grain of truth” could be the motto of this book, a compilation of thirty three short stories, most of them taking place in contemporary Greece, a country much more diverse than its portrayal by the mass media. Some others are set in Australia, the faraway continent representing a symbol for a better life. An everyday incident serves as the starting point for each story. The author then gives his own version, merging reality with fiction. Amongst other things you will read about an aspiring novelist who adopts the lifestyle of Bukowski in everything except for the one thing that made him famous, writing. An old Greek lady seeks protection from an advocate for the fascist Golden Dawn party. A middle-aged man deletes his father from his life through a letter. In other tales diet and sexual practices feature, the theme of fighting the system within the system, as does the connection between poetry and bullying in schools.

The twist that looms over the short stories works as a connecting thread, giving the book its title. Time, and our perception of it, is crucial to the narration, as well as the way we see so-called reality. The book will be released in Spain in 2021, translated by Mario Domínguez Parra

“Thirty three short stories, some of them really short, about everyday people in familiar situations. At some point though, there is a twist in the plot, the characters behave in an unpredictable way, the set is not that familiar anymore”.(Athens Voice, free press)

ALOUTERRA by Andriana Minou (texts, images and QR code soundscapes )

Allouterra (Teralla) is Andriana Minou’s third book, is a collection of dream-scapes. The book consists of texts, sketches and soundscapes by the author (accessible via qr code). The book is about to be released in Spanish (translated by Mario Dominquez Parra) with the support of Creative Europe’s literary translation programme. Excerpts from the book in English have also been published in various literary journals in the U.S. and Canada. allouterra has been presented at Thessaloniki Queer Arts Festival 2019 and Sand Festival 2020 as a performance and video installation (by Evi Minou) as well as a literary board game!

“If literature is usually a temporary escape, worthwhile literature provides a permanent escape from the nightmares of normality in such a way that even after the reading has ended, the images keep accompanying the reader, offering not an antidote to the dead-ends of reality, but an alternative way of perceiving it within a space where all is too charming (not) to be true. Andriana Minou’s poetics show us the way to dream of reality.” (Review at Fractal Art magazine)

“In my view, Minou is the most talented Greek writer of the new generation. She picks non-conformist writing motifs, powerfully structured yet made of fragile materials, which give readers the impression that they are about break and dissolve in the following line, but they endure only to create images but also music! Clearly, allouterra’s short stories compose small, complete music pieces, resounding in the reader’s ears, in a way you won’t come across in any other book. If you also use the QR codes provided in the book you may also actually listen to them precisely in the way the author dreamt and composed them”. (Review by Christos Litzerinos at Fractal Magazine)



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