Strange days Books in Frankfurt/Strange Days in Europe

»Strange Days in Europe» event in Frankfurt International Book Fair, Saturday, 17 October 6 μ.μ. UTC+03 – 7 μ.μ. UTC+03

This event is mostly dedicated to our project «Strange Days in Europe’’ that consists of five books translated from different European languages (French, English, Spanish, Albanian, Danish) into Greek and three books translated from the Greek into Spanish.
We introduce for the first time to Greek readers three writers awarded with the European Union’s Literary Prize: Donal Ryan‘s «Spinning Heart’’ (Ireland) Bjorn Rasmussen’s «The Skin Is the Elastic Covering that Encases the Entire body’’ (Denmark) and Rudi Erebara’s «The Epic of the morning Stars (Albania)». We also introduce the work of Spanish Nobel prize-winner, Vicente Aleixandre to the Greek market for the very first time; also, the not so widely known literary, hybrid texts of celebrated French composer, Erik Satie.  
Writers, translators, editors and cover illustrators talk about the books they worked on and discuss about this project that is co-funded by the European Union’s Creative Europe Translation Program. Strange Days Books, an independent publishing house since 2013 was the only publisher in Greece whose project was approved by the program for the year 2019.
Host: Danae Bletsa. Music performance: Danae Bletsa & Ann Kristin Sofroniou

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Meeting ID: 815 4226 7343
Passcode: 69Tbv6



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