Sand Festival meets Strange Days in Europe

This year’s 6th Sand Festival returns to the island of Crete and will take place on 21, 22 and 23 August at the beach of Kommos. The Festival this year is dedicated to the book series Strange Days in Europe, a special series of translated books supported by the European Commission’s Creative Europe programme. Authors, editors and translators whose work is featured in Strange Days in Europe are invited to talk about their work at this year’s Sand Festival. Due to the current covid crisis, we will only be accepting texts in Greek this year, hoping that next year we will return to our international format and welcome texts in English by authors from all over the world once more. But of course everyone is always welcome to attend the festival; as always, apart from the readings on the sand, there will also be other artistic events, such as live music nights, art exhibitions, book fairs and more! The full programme will be announced in August. All necessary health and safety measures will be followed during the festival.

This year’s Sand Festival is dedicated to the books of the Strange Days in Europe series. Authors Gregory Papadoyiannis, Antonis Tsirikoudis and Andriana Minou will be there to present and discuss their work at the Festival.  Gregory is also the translator of Donal Ryan’s Spinning heart in Greek, while Andriana is the editor of Erik Satie’s book Les cahiers d’un mammifere and also the painter of the covers of the five book of the Strange Days in Europe series. Among the guests of honour of the 6th Sand Festival  there will be also Popi Kotsifi, the translator of the book Les cahiers d’un mammifere that will be released in July in Greece by Strange Days Books.



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