Andriana Minou is the painter of «Strange Days in Europe» covers!

Strange Days Books presented the book «Underage Noirs» seven years ago.  It was the very first book by a young Greek writer living in London. Since then, Andriana Minou has written several books and her constantly rising course makes us very proud of … discovering her in 2013. It was a matter of luck, of course, good luck for Strange Days Books. From our beginning, we had the opportunity to have among us one of the greatest talents of modern Greek literature. This is not just our opinion; it is proven by the upturn of her artistic career. Among other distinctions, she was one of the few chosen young writers to represent Greece in the Thessalonki International Book Fair, in 2017. We just feel proud of her; distinctions, appearances at international festivals, excellent reviews, the release of two more books in Greece by Strange Days Books and recently, in March 2020, the publication of her fourth book, released in the United States by Kernpunkt Press. Her CV is now kind of a short story or essay itself!

However, when we met the writer Andriana Minou she was already an accomplished musician and composer. This remains her main professional activity as far as one can label such a lavish talent. Still, Andriana Minou has also shown credentials as a visual artist. Apart from the fact that she creates the covers of her own books, in her book, «Allouterra» her poetry is combined with her paintings. Besides, she is used to extending her literary work to other arts by painting and composing music for texts she writes. Andriana Minou’s very distinct perspective – although she insists that she is not a painter – has over time resulted in the creation of covers for other books from Strange Days as well as the magical posters of Sand Festival, which she has also been curating since 2015.

Strange days books are now in the very pleasant position to announce that Andriana Minou has agreed to create paintings for the covers of five books of the ‘’Strange Days in Europe’’ translation program (our proposal was the only one from Greece for the year 2019 that was awarded with a subsidy from the European Commission’s ‘’Creative Europe’’ program). Andriana Minou will create the covers for five books by award-winning authors from Albania, France, Denmark, Ireland and Spain. However, in this program*, which includes eight books, there will be one more cover of her own, since one of her books is among those approved by the program to be translated from Greek to Spanish. At the moment, a well known Spanish translator, Mario Dominguez Para, is translating “Allouterra”. ‘’Strange Days in Europe’’ will become more beautiful thanks to Andriana Minou and her paintings.

*The first books of our translation program will be ready early this summer. They will be released in June and will be presented – if circumstances allow – next fall at International Book Fairs both in Athens and Thessaloniki



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