Slam Fiction – 1

Call to the authors of Crete

αφίσα για εκδήλωση

Strange Days announce the first Slam Fiction event in Greece and invites you to Heraklion to tell us your story.
 We are organizing a Slam Fiction Night for the first time in Greece on Friday 28th February 2020 at 7.30pm in the social self-managed space Da (Dentidakidon 15, Heraklion)
The rules are very simple. There is no age restriction or any other. You’re coming prepared (or even unprepared) to get on stage and tell us a story. You have 7 minutes on stage so your story will be short. You can hold a paper with your text but you can also simply tell us your story. There has to be a story, a short story. It should be at most three pages A4 or 1500 words.
On this night, the goal is simply to have a good time telling and listening to stories. This  atmosphere of the company is what we want to relive and that is our purpose. If we do, we’ll have a good time, and after recording the stories throughout the year, we’re likely to get a book with them.
Submission  via email at
topic: slam fiction and a small sample of your writing.

Location: Da (15 Dentidakidon, Heraklion)
Organization: Strange Days curated by the author Antonis Tsirikoudis



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