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strange days books…

is a cooperative publishing organization based in Crete, Greece.
We publish books by emerging (but also by experienced) writers from Greece but we also publish books by writers from around the world. In the past seven years of our existence apart from release more than 30 books from Greek writers (most of them newcomers), we have published Greek translations of books by writers from countries such as England, Spain, Bulgaria, or the USA. Strange Days Books have also published first releases of books by foreign authors in English!

For the past seven consecutive years, Strange Days Books & coordinate the only international short story contest based in Greece.  We publish low cost digital editions and our books are distributed mainly through the internet but also through bookstores and cooperative bookshops. Some of our publications are also available in kindle format from and in e-book format from

LUGGAGE – 2018
SPRING – 2019

DREAMS – 2018


52 EYELANDS 2013

Strange Days Books is an entirely independent publisher, primarily interested in showcasing the wealth of the new writing voices of Greece. We work closely with our authors in order to create books that will appeal to booklovers, books about the present, books contemporary readers can relate to, books that strive to push the art of literature forward, books written with talent and passion, books that challenge the way we see the world, books that burst with new ideas and intriguing perspectives, books that have something to say and were not written for merely commercial purposes. In other words, we create books with character together, steadily growing into a community of artists and art-lovers that represent and promote the truly new literature of Greece, not only through publishing but also through a literary festival, the only international short story competition in Greece, theatrical play and novel competitions, book events and more.
Every summer we organize Sand Festival – a literary festival held literally on the sand of one of the Greek Islands.

We also (since 2018) co-organize with literary magazine the Eyelands Book Awards, an international book competition and Three Rock’s Writers Residency Program


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